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Construction Experts in Mornington

Welcome to L Clarke and Sons Building & Constructions professionals based in Mornington, Victoria. L Clarke and Sons are able to complete a wide range of different construction projects,  We are a family run business, with a family that consists of generations of tradesmen. Due to the close nature of everyone involved in our projects, there is a great level of unity and a great understanding of how each other works best. Everyone at L Clarke and Sons Building prides themselves on becoming absolutely involved with projects, assessing and evaluating the exact needs of clients and responding with sound knowledgeable advice. Each project undertaken has been given the same dedication and aptitude – regardless of size or cost.

A Broad Range of Services

We are able to offer a wide variety of different construction projects for clients on the Mornington Peninsula. Designer Homes Town Houses and Multi Storey Apartments.  Our team come from a variety of different backgrounds incongruent industries and can, therefore, master any job or odd task you might have. If you need someone to work on your plumbing, electrical or help you design an entirely new property, L Clarke and Sons are your only choice. 

A Family Affair

L Clarke and Sons were founded in order to start a family business that will translate into a lasting Mornington legacy. By working together within our family, we believe we are able to achieve the best possible results in all our endeavours. We are a company built on the utmost levels of trust and respect for each other, as well as for our clients. By working together in perfect synchronicity, we are able to produce stunning results.

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